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About Us

Cartue is dedicated to helping our clients build profitable online businesses. We take pride in our ability to power the software behind successful Internet companies and provide unparalleled customer service every day.

Since 2003, Mirchev Ideas has been offering e-commerce software consulting, website services and advanced online solutions to large and small businesses, giving our clients easy-to-use tools for building and expanding their online businesses. We offer a broad array of essential business packages and services, enabling our clients to increase their profits and success.

Our clients have provided us with amazing feedback over the years, helping us really understand how our services can best meet their needs. Although many online companies have similar software requirements, each company's platform is different. At Cartue, we realize the importance of adapting to differing needs, which is why we design and make flexible customizations to the shopping cart software, enabling you to meet the requirements of your unique business model.