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X-Cart Customization

How Cartue can help you?

Most people judge a retail stores content by its outer appearance, and it's no different with online stores. The anonymity of online stores demands high credibility to ensure buying confidence, so the visual appearance of your store can make or break your sales. We can help you customize your look for your target audience, giving you a fresh and professional look, working to instill buyer confidence.

Diagram - Cartue customization process

As a busy merchant you would like to take advantage of e-business and establish a unique web presence. Mirchev Ideas design services marry style and functionality to provide a compelling web store design.

What is custom development service?

Let's suppose you wish to gain more potential from your X-Cart or to change its look and completely redevelop the design of your store, but you do not have enough time for that or you are not confident enough to perform it on your own. Cartue customization team is ready to do it for you. Our highly qualified specialists will customize X-Cart to meet your needs and our designers will develop a new, distinct look of your store, quickly and professionally.

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How can I order an X-Cart custom development?

First of all you should clearly settle your requirements towards X-Cart changes. Our sales representative, creative director and technical director will study your desires, clarify some points if needed and define a quote for the modifications. If you agree with the quote and after you pay the downpayment the project is scheduled.

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